The Details


Every Websites for Trello website come up a built-in search engine. It can be accessed at /search (try this same address in your own site) and the search results are found in this same page, only appending the querystring ?query={search terms} -- this is done automatically by the form that is shown at /search.

Also, this same search form will be shown in 404 error pages.


Another cool thing: Every Websites for Trello website also comes up with the OpenSearch protocol preconfigured, which means your browser and other clients can directly search inside your site, by adding them as search providers and other ways.

One of the most simple ways this can be useful is the Tab to Search Chrome feature, which you can try right now (if you're using Chrome):

  1. open a new browser tab,
  2. begin writing "docs.websi" and
  3. press TAB.

A fancy "Search" dialog should appear, and from there you can jump directly to this site's search results.

(If this is your first time visiting these docs, there's a change this will not work, please try again after you visit some more pages in this site and restart your browser.)