The Basics

The #pages list

As with the _preferences list, the Trello list named #pages is a special list you can have in the Board that is powering your website.

The #pages list holds standalone pages you can have in your website. Pages not tied to any category and/or pages with atemporal content. For example, in a blog, while the actual posts would be on a global "posts" list, or distributed along various lists, each one representing a "category", a standalone page would be an "About me" or "Contact" page. These standalone pages are what you can put inside the #pages list.

You can add as many cards as you want to the #pages list. The card titles must be the relative address where they are going to be found, i.e., if you want a page to be found at, name it /about/contact. As with all other cards, its contents, attachments and checklists will be rendered as the contents of the actual page.

To link to standalone pages you can use the link you assigned to them (their name), as it will be their actual, absolute, URL on your website. Or, if you are linking from inside other cards, you can use their Trello card link.

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