The Basics

The _preferences list

The Trello Board that is powering your website should have a list named _preferences (if it doesn't you can just create one yourself). It is a special list that holds preferences and settings for your website.

The cards of the _preferences list

Currently the following configurations are supported (all them set by modifying their respective card in the _preferences list)

  • includes: as said before, this is used for adding CSS and Javascript to your site.
  • header: the cover image of this card will be used as the cover image of your site. Some themes support this, others don't. If you are using a theme that does not support this, the image will not be shown, but it will still be loaded, so it is better to remove the cover image from the header card.
  • favicon: an URL to an image (it can be hosted inside your board) that will be served as your site's browser icon (you know, that icon shown on the browser tabs and favorites for each website).
  • excerpts: number of characters to show as excerpts of each post, when that post is being displayed in a list (in the index page, every list page or label page). This is currently limited to 300 and the default is 0, which means only the title and date of the post will be shown. These post excerpts will be shown in raw markdown format.
  • posts-per-page: number of posts shown in each list page and the homepage, the default is 7.
  • nav: this card controls the links you'll have in your main site menu.
  • domain: when you get support for a custom domain you go to this card and write your domain there in the description.