How to add a card at the top of a list

If you are managing a blog from Trello you are probably dealing with a lot of cards in a same list (for example, you could have one big list called "posts" or "blog").

That way it can become slow and tedious to add new cards at the bottom then drag them up to the top of the list (so they appear as "new", at the top of your Websites for Trello category page). It can even be tedious to just add them at the top, even if you're confortable with it.

But there's a solution to that, and it only takes memorizing two things:

  • Putting the mouse over a list and pressing N will create a card right there. N for NEW (or N for NO-NEED-TO-NAVIGATE-TO-THE-BOTTOM).
  • If you begin writing the name of the card with ^top and press Enter, some magic will happen that will put your card at the top of the list, then you could continue writing.

Here are these tips in action: